Mark Child Boy Rigged Character
Price: 79$

3D cartoon low poly model of a child boy rigged and ready for animation. The model was created in 3ds max 2013 and zbrush 4R6 and rendered with mental ray.

- low polygonal and symmetrical topology
- rigged using bones and skin
- poses included at key 10 and 20 (initial pose at key 0)
- the clothes are their own separate objects and they can be edited or interchangeable

- 2 max files (3ds max 2010 and 3ds max 2013)
- additional formats: fbx, 3ds, obj and ztl
- 21 texture maps
- boy's body
- outfit
- shoes
- hairstyle

POLYCOUNT (9321 polys, 10435 verts)
Body (2914 polys, 2918 verts)
Hair (1703 polys, 1706 verts)
Outfit & shoes (3142 polys, 3409 verts)

Body: diffuse, bump, specular, normal and displacement (4096x4096)
Outfit: diffuse, normal, displacement and bump (4096x4096)
Shoes: diffuse, bump, specular, normal and displacement (4096x4096)
Hair: diffuse, bump, specular and opacity (2048x2048)
Eyes: diffuse (1024x1024)
Eyelashes: opacity (1024x1024)
HDRI environment

The model was only tested in 3DS Max and the results may not look the same depending on the program used.

Tags: boy little cute cartoon child baby pants shirt low poly game outfit playful model adorable pritty small cutie people male man young dress