Ruby Realistic Sexy Female Rigged
Price: 209$

Ruby is a realistic 3D model of a woman created in 3ds max 2016 and zbrush and ready for animation. Low polygons and symmetrical topology created with 3ds max and rendered with vray 3.6.

- basic rig based on bones and skin that comes with eyes and hip controls.
- tongue and breasts are rigged
- poses included
- hair is created with 3ds max hair and fur system and has attached spline controls to be easily animated and can also be simulated.
- clothes and High heel shoes are rigged too
- 13 facial expressions included: smile, desire, scared, angry, happy, sad, flirt, eyes closed, open smile, grumpy, laugh, open mouth and kiss.
- realistic vray materials used
- scene objects are individually named and organized by layers/groups
- included all hair guides (splines) in the scene
- model height 187 cm with High heel shoes (174 cm bare foot)
- this model contains poles (more than 5 edges that converge to a single vertex)

- 3ds max 2016, 3ds max 2013, obj and fbx files (some might not support rigging and other features)
- 25 texture maps
- Ruby's body
- lingerie, stockings
- high heels platform
- mouth interior
- hairstyle

POLYCOUNT ( 21928 polys, 22718 verts )
Body (8681 polys, 8740 verts)
Clothes (5603 polys, 6034 verts)
Shoes (3478 polys, 3888 verts)
Mouth (2300 polys, 2515 verts)

Body: diffuse (6000x6000), bump, sss, displacement, specular and normal (4096x4096)
Clothes: diffuse, bump, opacity and specular (4096x4096)
Hair: opacity (512x512)
High heel shoes: diffuse, bump and specular (2048x2048)
Mouth: diffuse, sss, displacement, normal, scatter and specular (4096x4096)
Eyes: diffuse, bump, normal and sss (2048x2048)
Hdri environment map

The model was only tested in 3DS Max and the results may not look the same depending on the program used.

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