Evora Female Rigged Character
Price: 249$


Evora is a semi realistic 3D model of a fantasy / superhero woman created in 3ds max 2016 and zbrush 4R6 and ready for animation. Low polygons and symmetrical topology created with 3ds max and rendered with vray next.

Updated december 2020: improved illumination, improved rig, added more skin morphs, created ornatrix hairstyle, added holding earth pose.

- 2 hairstyles included: one is game compatible and one is made with ornatrix plugin.

- rigged with biped and skin that comes with eyes and hip controls.

- breasts(2 biped bones), hair(splines rig), chains(bones rig for the body chain and spine rig for the wing chain) and wings(bones rig) are rigged

- Evora has genitals and 3 type of eye styles(earth, moon, white)

- skin morphs added for better deformations (max compatible only)

- wings have a separated rig than the body

- poses saved in evora poses.cpy

- hair and wings are created with geometry and alpha maps and are compatible with game engines

- realistic vray materials used

- scene objects are individually named and organized by layers/groups

- included all hair guides (splines) in the scene

- model height 187 cm with High heel shoes (174 cm bare foot)


- 3ds max 2016, obj and fbx files (some might not support rigging and other features)

- 33 texture maps

- Evora's body

- body chain and wing chain

- mouth interior

- ornatrix hairstyle

- game compatible hairstyle

- wings

POLYCOUNT ( 42918 polys, 47172 verts )

Body (10470 polys, 10500 verts)

Wings (2100 polys, 6034 verts)

Hair (4150 polys, 6569 verts)

Mouth (1696 polys, 1911 verts)

Chains (21168 polys, 21168 verts)


Body: diffuse, bump, subdermal, backscatter, glossiness, displacement, specular and normal (4096x4096)

Eyes: diffuse x3, scatter x2, subdermal x2, bump, normal (2048x2048)

Hair: opacity, diffuse and specular (4096x4096)

Mouth: diffuse, bump, displacement, normal, scatter and specular (4096x4096)

Wings: diffuse, bump and opacity (4096x4096)

Eyelashes & eyebrows: opacity and bump (2048x2048)

Hair feathers diffuse (4096x4096)

Environment map

The model was only tested in 3DS Max and the results may not look the same depending on the program used.

Don't forget to check out other models. Thanks.

Tags: realistic woman girl female sexy fantasy character angel nude naked human wings rigged spirit real time hair magic divine chained people anatomy fly