Rigged White Tiger
Price: 79$

3D realistical and detailed low poly model of a white siberian (amur) tiger rigged and ready for animation.
The model was created in 3ds max 2013 and zbrush 4R6.

- realistic textures created using high resolution photos.
- low polygonal and symmetrical topology
- correctly anatomical model
- rigged using bones and skin (ears are rigged also)
- 3 facial morphs included (opened mouth, closed eyes and angry expression)
- realistic detachable fur with hair and fur (length, density, thickness of the fur can be easily adjusted by maps)
- all elements in the scene are separated by layers
- fur guides are included and can be used to apply fur in a different software
- mental ray materials used
- rendered with mental ray

- 2 max files (3ds max 2010 and 3ds max 2013)
- 13 texture maps
- tiger body
- mouth (gums, teeth and tongue)
- detachable claws
- 3 morphs (in obj format)
- fur guides (in max2010 formats)

POLYCOUNT (13925 polys, 14056 verts)

Body : diffuse, bump, specular, normal, displacement (4096x4096)
Eyes, claws and mouth: diffuse and bump (4096x4096)
Fur maps: length map short, lenght map medium, lenght map long, density map, thickness map (2048x2048)

The model was only tested in 3DS Max 2013 and the results may not look the same depending on the program used.

Tags: tiger wild bengal amur siberian feline zoo wildlife animal anatomical realistic mammal asia jungle tigress carnivore rigged detailed low poly fur