Realistic Blonde Ponytail Hairstyle
Price: 39$

Realistic hairstyle created with 3ds max 2016 hair and fur system and rendered with vray 3.6.

- render scene and lights are included
- vray hair mlt is used and gives the posibility to easily change the hair colour or specular values (to create wet or dirty hair)
- real size object (units:cm)
- hair has attached spline controls to be easily animated or reproduced in a different application from guides
- Mannequin not included.
- this model contains poles (more than 5 edges that converge to a single vertex)
- eyelashes arent included

Polycount: 426 poly, 453 verts

Hair tie diffuse, bump, displacement and normal 1024x1024
Hair opacity 512x512

The model was only tested in 3DS Max and the results may not look the same depending on the program used.

Tags: wig hairstyle hair ponytail head wear accessories fur realistic dynamic hairdress woman girl blonde brunette redhead character human hairy toupee peru