Fabian European Football Player
Price: 49$

3D realistical and detailed model of a football player created in 3ds max 2013.
Realistic textures created using high resolution human photos.
Low polygonal and symmetrical topology created with 3ds max and rendered with vray 3.2.

- correctly anatomical model
- hair created with hair and fur (2 hairstyles included)
- scene objects are individually named and organized by layers/groups

- max, obj and fbx
- 30 texture maps
- Fabian's body
- football player outfit
- hairstyles
- ball

POLYCOUNT (17400 polys, 19021 verts)
Body (4198 polys, 4210 verts)
Football suit (5402 polys, 5796 verts)
Ball (216 polys, 218 verts)
Mouth (1696 polys, 2679 verts)

Body: diffuse, specular, normal, displacement (4096x4096)
Football suit: diffuse and bump for suit 1 (without logo) and suit 2 (with logo), normal and displacement (4096x4096)
Shoes: diffuse, displacement, bump, specular and normal (4096x4096)
Mouth: diffuse, displacement, bump, specular and normal (4096x4096)
Ball: 2xdiffuse, bump, normal and displacement (2048x2048)
Eyes: diffuse and bump (1024x1024)
Hdri environment map.

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