Lucas Realistic Child Boy Character
Price: 199$

Lucas is a realistic 3D model of a child of 9-11 years old created in 3ds max 2013 and zbrush 4R6 and rendered with vray 3.2.

- low polygons and symmetrical topology
- hair is created with 3ds max hair and fur system and has included guides in the scene
- realistic vray materials used
- scene objects are individually named and organized by layers/groups
- model height 135cm with shoes

- 3ds max 2013, obj and fbx files (some might not support certain features)
- 23 texture maps
- Lucas's body
- casual shirt, jeans and shoes
- mouth interior
- hairstyle

POLYCOUNT (18464 polys, 19044 verts)
Body (6776 polys, 6762 verts)
Shirt (1403 polys, 1431 verts)
Jeans (2979 polys, 3032 verts)
Shoes (3868 polys, 3938 verts)

Body: diffuse (6000x6000), displacement, specular and normal (4096x4096)
Clothes: diffuse, bump, normal and displacement (4096x4096)
Jeans: diffuse, normal and displacement (4096x4096)
Shirt: diffuse, normal and displacement (2048x2048)
Hair: opacity (512x512)
Shoes: diffuse, specular, normal and displacement (4096x4096)
Mouth: diffuse, displacement, normal, scatter and specular (4096x4096)
Eyes: diffuse (2048x2048)
Eyelashes opacity (2048x2048)
Hdri environment map

The model was only tested in 3DS Max and the results may not look the same depending on the program used.

Tags: realistic child little boy male kid character children human man rigged people casual small dress teen movie game caucasian hair low poly